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Design and digital services

Reverse engineering

We support you in the realization of technical and production solutions for :

  • Make a copy of an object in the absence of a plan, thanks to on-the-fly digital acquisition and our manufacturing resources.

  • Develop a real object or on plan to adapt it to new functional, normative, mechanical constraints. Either on the design level (design, materials), or on the industrial level.

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Metrological control :

Choose a reliable and fast way to validate the volumes and the design of your parts, whether it is to control your quality internally or for a reception of parts or machines.

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Support in Design :

At your disposal, the services of a designer (from the artistic sketch to the pre-industrial model) capable of providing you with support or of completely creating a digital design for your project.

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Transformations of polymer derivatives: 

Whether in projection or injection, we have developed solid skills in high performance elastomers.

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Prototyping and production

Prototyping and pre-series

We offer the design/production of mock-ups, without size limits, from 3D printing, 4-axis machining, molding and injection solutions with various core materials (foam, honeycomb) and finishing surfaces.

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We work with all types of foams with expertise in skin foams.


Paneling Texture 

Production of technical panels, textures and finishes. All types of reinforcements.

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Work on all types of non-ferrous materials

Subcontracting network

Entrust us with your overall project, we carry the complete realization of your need, through our network of subcontractors : sheet metal work, sheet metal work, semi-finished components...

Project support 

From the definition of the need to the deliverables, we are able to support you from A to Z

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