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Via a more digitized dimension, Skinpack offers new angles of reflection on space planning to optimize them.

These digitized solutions also support our control solutions, combined with our physical media.

To be able to develop and implement these services, the company has a multitude of skills : digitization by 3D scanner, pure 3D design, post-processing of digital data, design and integration of virtual and augmented reality.



SkinPack intervenes in your universe to capture reality and delivers you your digital version, whether it is the exterior or interior envelope of your building or your workspace.


Use this twin to optimize the operation and maintenance of your physical assets, to deploy digital assistance to manufacturing operations with high added value linked to a strong human factor.



We propose the realization of digital libraries through the acquisition of objects, subsets and spaces (interior and exterior) thanks to the digitization of the existing. This library can be used internally for various needs (retrofit, digital models,...). It is for us the key to physical and digital deployments.


The creation of the digital library is carried out exclusively from an acquisition made by us, on site : no parts or plans come out of your company. We only capture the envelope of the objects, thus guaranteeing respect for industrial property.

In-situ acquisition, the key to reliability and the best solutions: It is because we move around and carry out the scanning operations of objects and spaces ourselves that we can guarantee our supports have the perfect shape.

It is also by being present in contact with the operational staff that we capture the subtleties of an operation related to the part or the tool and thus that we achieve the best solution that will be adopted by the end users.



put under control delicate operations is crucial for any company that wants to reduce its non-quality costs, harmonize its processes, gain in performance. Editing with digital assistance. 

Other supports exist, such as tablets. We know how to surround ourselves with recognized partners in order to offer you the most successful solution that will fully meet your problems.

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